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Knee-jerks, @ NYIsles, 11/26/06

The quick knee-jerks today will probably sound very familiar to those who listened to GMGM’s interview on the John Thompson show last week. One of his points was that the Caps need an offensive center and a solid defenseman. Last … Continue reading

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Goal Oriented

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Ice Rink melts in Hot Springs

Sometimes the headlines write themselves. An outdoor ice rink in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was shut down on the season’s opening day on Friday … because it was melting. Brian Leonard, ice rink manager for the Hot Springs Convention and Visitors … Continue reading


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Knee-jerks: vs. Toronto — Bad Dog

I own three dogs, and if any of them behaved the way the Caps did tonight, well, they wouldn’t get any treats. Poor play all around. Two big factors tonight: The Caps, without amazing goaltending, are a sub-.500 team. It … Continue reading

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Fay Can Fail — and Has

Just want to thank Dave Fay for not filing for a few days before the Atlanta game. No blog entries, nary a peep. The Post isn’t the only paper in D.C. guilty of poor coverage — though we should thank … Continue reading

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THN: There’s a Science to Shootouts

In the cover story of the Nov. 21 THN, Ken Campbell examines the dos and don’ts of shootouts. THN analyzed 230 attempts in 28 shootouts from the season’s start through November 6. The piece’s most startling observation arrives early and … Continue reading

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Update: SweaterGate’s Jeremy Milks has authored what I believe is the best summary of SweaterGate — the NHL’s inexplicable and indefensible tomfoolery with its iconic fashion, to be debuted at this season’s All Star Game and then rolled out en masse … Continue reading

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Caps / Thrashers Several-Round Bout

The guys at have been working overtime and have already posted the end of last night’s game on YouTube (thanks for alerting us Eric). Just one OFB opinion — Brashear beat the Thanksgiving stuffing out of Vishnevski. OrderedChaos saw … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for the Passion of Don Cherry

Where would hockey be without Don Cherry? At OFB, we don’t like to think about that, and today we are thankful for Grapes, recently voted the 7th most important Canadian . . . in the history of that country. Because … Continue reading

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Takes from the Keen-Eyed Observer

OFB receives terrific feedback at times from individuals with privileged perches — true hockey insiders. One such friend of OFB (let’s call him the Keen-Eyed Observer) occasionally passes on some excellent observations on both the NHL and the CHL, and … Continue reading

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