Hockey Fathers and Sons

fatherknowsbest.jpgIf you tuned in to Wednesday night’s Comcast broadcast of the Flyers-Predators tilt you overheard the broadcasters allude to the fathers of Predators’ players seated in Wachovia Center taking in the game. The broadcast camera briefly offered a glimpse of the dads seated in their section. Once a year, viewers learned, the Predators take their fathers on a roadtrip with them. This is something the Carolina Hurricanes did as well a couple of years back, and still do. It also invites, for the thoroughly politically incorrect hockey commentator, a comparison with fathers and sons so connecting in other professional sports . . . or rather, failing to.
My observation, for I delight in offending the sensibilities of others: you see no such connection on roadtrips in the NBA because so few of the players in that league know the identity of their fathers.

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3 Responses to Hockey Fathers and Sons

  1. CapsFan says:

    Ouch….thats got to sting a little.

  2. nomorehands says:

    Did Michael Kramer find his way to this blog?

  3. chris says:

    Zing, but in hockey you have to drive to a rink to perfect your skills. In basketball the local hoop is with in walking distance. Therfore, there is not long drive bonding that occurs.

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