Knee-jerks, @ NYIsles, 11/26/06

The quick knee-jerks today will probably sound very familiar to those who listened to GMGM’s interview on the John Thompson show last week. One of his points was that the Caps need an offensive center and a solid defenseman. Last night’s game illustrated that very well, as the blue-line corp looked a little out-of-whack, and again the scoreboard was only tickled by Ovechkin.
It was good seeing Fehr get some time with Zubrus and Ovechkin in the game. Would have been nice to see him convert on his big chance of the evening, but hopefully that will come soon. I’m not sure what conclusions, if any, to draw from Fehr getting the call-up instead of Fleischmann.
The Islanders look like they are for real.

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  1. pepper says:

    Let’s hope the rumours are true that Semin is close to returning.
    I don’t see defensive help arriving via a trade until close to the trade deadline and we are, at that point, within a few points of 8th place. As for a center, I don’t see that happening at all this year unless one appears out of nowhere for cheap – that slot is for Backstrom (damn, he better be the real deal). Those parentheses in mind, it would be prudent to have an insurance policy to keep the team on track if Backstrom struggles next year, since you can never have enough playmaking centers, especially when your team has, arguably, one.
    Most interesting to me will be to get a read on the cohesiveness of the team during this extended (6 games) slide.
    I wish I were wrong on #43, but I think Fehr has a key offensive role in the future, and the somewhat timid Flash does not. IMO, the latter is adding too much evidence with each call up that he’s, at best, an elite AHL’er, and not enough of a calling card that he’s a legit big league scoring line forward.

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