Goal Oriented

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  1. pepper says:

    From the article –
    Alex’s mother, angry at Dynamo and uncertain about when the Caps would skate again, urged her son to go to Siberia and accept a lucrative offer to play for the team in the city of Omsk.
    “Omsk is like Pittsburgh,” Alex said. “It’s not like New York.”
    Why does it please me so that Alex singles out Pittsburgh as an example of a, shall we say, less-than-ideal place to play? Has he bought into the rivalry with the team to the northwest we love to hate?

  2. TJ says:

    Why am I not suprised to find editing errors. Offensive Lineman???? WTF

  3. pepper says:

    “Lineman” or “line mate” – this is Washington media – and I’m happy for a well-written, insightful article focused on Ovie. The images conjured from the word describing the ball park and 21st birthday scenes were well done in my opinion.
    The million dollar question, to me, is: with so many references to the Meehan agency assisting with everything from cell phone plans to sticks to Arlington real estate, why fire him?

  4. megan says:

    i love you ovechkin kidding i love sidney patrick crosby i love sid

  5. Sports is my passion. So this reading brought tears to my eyes. It is always good to see someone come to America and make it. It proves that hard work does pay off.
    Excellent story about a young man playing hockey and winning a battle in life.

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