Update: SweaterGate

Insidehockey.com’s Jeremy Milks has authored what I believe is the best summary of SweaterGate — the NHL’s inexplicable and indefensible tomfoolery with its iconic fashion, to be debuted at this season’s All Star Game and then rolled out en masse beginning next season.
Milks makes a vital and brilliant observation about the fallout from radically altering the look of the existing NHL hockey sweater: the distinction of the league’s Original Six, who collectively skate in sweaters virtually identical in the colors, design, and logos that debuted in the league generations ago, becomes obliterated by Gary Bettman’s latest marketing scheme.

It means that teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens will have to eliminate their horizontal striping on the bottoms of their jerseys, virtually bringing an end to a historical visual style and making 20 of the NHL’s current jerseys a retro-sweater,” Milks observes.

The Hockey Sweater - Story by Roch Carrier / Illustrations by Sheldon Cohen

The redesign topic was freshly discussed on yesterday’s CapsReport, where Mike Vogel urged listener’s to peruse OFB’s coverage of the matter and, commendably, sign an online petition of protest against the sacrilege. We have signed it and we hope you will, too.
A clip of The Capitals Report talking about OFB can be found here:
At OFB we will never relent in this cause to preserve a basic staple of hockey’s heritage. We echo Vogel’s outrage and will regularly renew his call to marshall the grassroots masses against the mischief of Madison Avenue.

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5 Responses to Update: SweaterGate

  1. spark says:

    Why can’t I find an image of one of these allegedly ugly new jerseys?

  2. chanuck says:

    Check out the Team Canada outfit from last Olympics, butt ugly.
    Love “the hockey sweater” just got the cartoon on DVD.

  3. They’re rated NC-77

  4. OrderedChaos says:

    Interesting comment by Allan Muir of Sports Illustrated that, IMO, would also apply to the Caps’ black sweaters:
    “Since the NHL is determined to go ahead with streamlined jerseys next season, how about tossing the real fans a bone? With their implementation, include a plan for a consistent numbering template that puts legibility over style. Try sitting in the balcony and reading the numbers on the current Lightning or Avalanche sweaters and you’ll understand why this change is desperately needed.”

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