A Team of Character

There are certain character qualities you look for in both your team’s superstar and captain. This past week brought us stories that prove the Capitals have plenty of character.
Let’s begin with our superstar. Everyone knows about his scoring ability and willingness to deliver a check. Many, especially those outside the Washington area, may not know about him off the ice. In his blog, WashingtonCaps.com Senior Writer Mike Vogel recently wrote about a simple request that speaks volumes:

Alexander Ovechkin - Photo from WashingtonCaps.comNate Ewell, the Caps crack director of media relations, was talking to Ovie after practice this morning. Nate was running down the lengthy list of media obligations for Ovie for the upcoming week. So and so wants to talk to you Friday, and these guys are sending out a crew on Saturday. You’ve got a 4:30 call on Monday with this radio station and an interview with this guy from this city after practice on Tuesday. There are often multiple demands/requests for the 21-year-old winger’s time every day. So it’s not an insignificant list.
Ovie soaks it all in. Then he says, “I have question for you.” Now it’s Nate who is doing the listening. “Can I meet the Crazy 8s? I want to meet them and shake their hands.”

The Crazy 8s Section was created by Alexander Ovechkin. Ovie bought eight tickets to every home game and donated them to area soldiers or underserved children through Most Valuable Kids, Inc.

“I appreciate the way the Washington, D.C., community has welcomed me in the past year and made me feel at home,” Ovechkin said. “I wanted to do something to give back and let the community know how much their support means to me.”

It’s one thing for a sports star to donate tickets to a charity. It allows them to say they do wonderful things without costing them time and relatively little money. It’s an entirely different story when that star wants to add to his overloaded schedule and personally meet the beneficiaries of the charity.
Now on to our story of pain and dedication. It has been said of many captains that it is not so much what they say, but what they do….

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