On Frozen Ombudsman for the Week of November 17

The week commenced catastrophically: on an ad hoc assignment to cover the Caps, WaPost’s Amy Shipley, seemingly in over her head, filed an ignorant and nonsensical game account from Miami Monday night. However, the week improved appreciably thereafter, culminating with Christmas-morning-wrapped-goodies-under-the-tree kind of news relating to a geriatric hockey hating television news anchor at WRC announcing his retirement!
While Team OFB will acknowledge the news in predictable and appropriate fashion, on this sunny Friday keep in your thoughts the melancholy this moment enveloping the region’s rodeo fans.

Ms. Shipley’s colleague, Caps’ regular beat reporter Tarik El Bashir, has developed his WaPost blog

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1 Response to On Frozen Ombudsman for the Week of November 17

  1. DCCapsChick says:

    I have to admit, I grew up watching George Michael so there is a weird soft spot in my heart for him. However, I have grown increasingly annoyed with his Redskins-centric agenda and am glad to see him finally stepping down. Such is the wisdom of age, I guess…and while I don’t share the lust for Lindsay Czarniak that you guys have (being into the male type, myself), she is awesome and does a great job covering the Caps. Here’s hoping she takes over for good!

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