Questioning Ovechkin on Kuklas Korner

Paul Kukla writes a blog for as well as his own, Kuklas Korner. That he’s going to interview Alexander the GR8 is not big news, how he’s going to do it is. From his blog entry:

Recently I approached the Washington Capitals with a proposition — Would AO be able to answer some questions from the hockey fans worldwide? Their response was “certainly”, with one stipulation. The questions must be unique, not the “typical” questions we have heard over and over.
So here is your chance to be like a hockey writer. Put on your press credential badge or hat and ask away, but keep the word “unique” in mind when submitting your question. I am not going to give you any guidelines, but questions such as, “Alex, how many goals do you want to have this year?” will not make the cut. Fresh and out-of-the-box are the way to go.
You can submit your question here and you have until Nov. 15th to get your question in.

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