Knee-jerks: at Calgary, 10/30/06

I have to echo Gus’ thoughts – five out of eight points against a tough Northwest division is an excellent result.
-Good to see Zednik get off the schneid. Throughout his struggles, Zednik has continued to work hard, and it’s great to see it pay off. Let’s hope that this sets the wheels in motion for the streaky winger. The Brashear-Gordon-Zednik line had some good shifts, especially cycling, last night. The play leading up to Zed’s breakaway goal was a beauty, as well – Morrisonn with the blocked shot, Ovechkin with the nice outlet pass, and a goal. They can’t all be that pretty, but it’s nice when they are.
-Favorite moment last night? Ovechkin putting Phaneuf on his backside in the first. I’ll be checking every ten minutes until they post that clip.
-It’s nice that the Caps’ offense has been putting pucks in the net, but the real reason the Caps have done so well on this trip has been goaltending. Olie and Johnny deserve a lot of credit, as the defense hasn’t always done an acceptable job in front of them.
-I’m liking Semin on the point on the power play. He made two keeps on the blueline that maybe nobody else on the team could pull off in man-up situations. His stickhandling is pretty ridiculous.
-I’m actually not completely terrified when Bryan Muir is on the ice these past two games. I actually liked his play in Edmonton – he was as physical as I’ve ever seen him. If he can continue this level of play, it’ll be a boon to the team.
-Eminger’s benching…well, here’s hoping the message gets through. It sounds like Eminger realizes confidence is a problem in comments in Tarik’s blog.
-Calgary’s a physical team, and the Caps gave as good as they got. When the Caps are physically involved in a game, that’s when they seem to play their best. In contrast, when they have had flat periods, they seem to be passive. It’s a little more complicated than that, I’m sure, but anytime they need a jump, it’s time to go into the corners, fellas.
-Mike Green continues to impress.
As pucks likes to say, there’s no such thing as a bad road win. A good two points, and a good road trip.

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1 Response to Knee-jerks: at Calgary, 10/30/06

  1. pepper says:

    What’s interesting is how Hanlon has appeared to shelve the idea of dressing 7 defensemen, after much to do about it at the start of the season. And I don’t see any reason to do it, even with Muir playing well when his number’s called, because we’ve got an abundance of forwards who are all performing their roles relatively well.
    Damn I just wish Rico had some hands to go with that speed.

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