From [Canada] with Love

Print NewsWhy is it that we in Washington have to look north of the border for truly excellent press regarding our hockey team? Is this what was intended when the NAFTA agreement was signed?
In any case, there was a lot of love for Ovechkin during this successful West Coast road trip. The following is a sample of the past week in print.

The Montreal Gazette – 23 October, 2006
The Vancouver Province – 26 October, 2006
The National Post – 27 October, 2006
The Vancouver Sun – 28 October, 2006
The Edmonton Journal – 28 October, 2006
The Calgary Sun – 31 October, 2006

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1 Response to From [Canada] with Love

  1. pepper says:

    The Ovechkin road show has truly been an exciting ride, made much more eventful because of the quirky schedule. And this team exceeded all expectations on the trip. Struggles of Eminger aside, I think there aren’t too many negatives to take away. Even in Edmonton we played our most solid defensive game.
    As for the media coverage of the Caps, its both a quantity and quality issue. Most folks writing in DC I submit just aren’t at all immersed in the world’s fastest team sport, that wonderful hockey milieu permeating so many facets of life, like they are in Canada. As a result there isn’t the richness of perspective, imagination, and history from which to draw and provide commentary. Vogel, I think, shows from time to time that he can provide good insight. And of course this blog contributes well to the Caps alternative media scene 🙂
    It does boggle the mind that we don’t leave the Eastern time zone again this year. I often enjoy the late night starts – gives one time to settle in after work, go for a jog, make dinner, and then give my undivided attention to the game.

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