One-timer: Steve Eminger

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The Forecaster’s take (via TSN)
Steve Eminger - from WashingtonCaps.comBack Story: Eminger suffered a middling season last year – an ankle injury (suffered when no one was within 5 feet of him) derailed any chance at consistency. Many are expecting Eminger to make ‘the leap’ this season.
How’s it look so far? Sadly, not so good, at this point. Eminger looks nervous at times, lost at times, and flat disinterested at times. Being paired with the struggling Clymer isn’t helping, but the occasional flashes of Eminger’s true ability are more frustrating than anything – some fans are beginning to wonder when and if the talented blueliner is going to put it all together. Expecting him to play like a hardened veteran this season is too much to ask; seeing solid improvement isn’t. While things have started off rocky, there’s plenty of time to turn things around, much like Morrisonn last season.
In the future: It’s probably not over-stating things to say this is may be a make-or-break season for Eminger in Washington. Rumors persist of his unhappiness with the Caps over being sent down to Portland in 03-04, and his on-ice performance seems listless. While there’s time to get things back on track, it’s not too early to wonder if Eminger needs a fresh start in another organization.

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2 Responses to One-timer: Steve Eminger

  1. JP says:

    Per Vogel, Eminger sits tonight.

  2. Some Quick Thoughts On The Caps…

    Great to see Washington come home from the road trip with five points in four games. It could have easily……

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