Caps’ prospects earn strong ranking, again has offered up its autumn rankings of organizations’ prospects, and in keeping with recent years, the Caps are lodged in the top 5, at no. 4. The Caps’ top 5 prospects in the latest survey are Nicklas Backstrom, Alexander Semin, Mike Green, Eric Fehr, and Tomas Fleischmann.
The top 3 teams in the Hockeysfuture rankings are (1) Pittsburgh, (2) Los Angeles, and (3) Chicago.

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2 Responses to Caps’ prospects earn strong ranking, again

  1. pepper says:

    Interesting how they say there’s a significant drop off at D after Green. First rounders Pokulok and Schultz are now off the radar? Seems too early to tell to me. I guess Pokulok’s concussion is a concern, but I’m thinking that injury didn’t factor into the analysis.
    Its real interesting that the Pens and the Caps have some of the best young offensive talent already at the NHL level, and their respective AHL clubs are 1-2 in their division as well.
    Anyone think we’ll see Fehr or Bourque as a regular in 07-08?

  2. OrderedChaos says:

    Good question about Fehr and Bourque. I think it’s too early to tell at this point. Encouraging start for both of them this year in Hershey, particularly Fehr. But let’s see if they can sustain that for a whole season. At this point I’d say Fleischmann, with 13 points in 7 games, is the best bet to see playing time with the Caps THIS year, even though we’re stacked at LW.

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