NHLs Best; Hunter, Juneau, Kolzig…..and Anglestad?

Who doesn’t love a list? And I’m not talking about the Honey-Do lists, either. Each year since 1998, the American Film Institute has been putting out their AFI’s 100 years…100 insert-your-list-here. I believe these lists exist to ignite conversation and/or arguments.
Sports Illustrated decided to make a list of the NHL’s all-time best …… by jersey [sweater] number.

Some of the number choices were easy, like #84. It was only this month that Guillaume Latendresse became the first player to wear #84 in NHL history. Others are not so easy. Who’s the best #7? Borque? Esposito? Lindsay? Morenz?madmelanglestad.jpg
The Capitals are pretty well represented. Some former Caps are listed under numbers not worn here.
The Caps that made the list are:

  • #0 Neil Sheehy [wore #15 in Washington]
  • #32 Dale Hunter
  • #37 Olaf Kolzig
  • #50 Igor Ulanov [#44]
  • #55 Larry Murphy [#8]
  • #64 Sylvain Cote [#3]
  • #68 Jaromir Jagr
  • #69 Mel Angelstad
  • #90 Joe Juneau
  • #92 Rick Tocchet
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2 Responses to NHLs Best; Hunter, Juneau, Kolzig…..and Anglestad?

  1. OrderedChaos says:

    Remember when we lobbied Ted for Mel to get called up to the Caps in 2004? It was the end of the season, the Caps’ record was awful, and Mel had been a workhorse for the Pirates (not to mention the most popular guy with his teammates). And those last two Caps game that season were his only two in the NHL.
    The old article is still online:
    Plus, here’s a fantastic photo of a grinning but bloody Mel from Caps training camp… note the contrast between him and the other guy in the photo:

  2. pepper says:

    That’s the best hockey nose ever! At least as good as Langway’s was.

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